Too hot to wear anything sophisticated…

silky tank top: Forever 21 (thank Floret)
pants with suspenders: ZARA
sandals: Calvin Klein Collection
bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
accessories: YSL, BCBG, Forever 21
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Floppy Hat

One thing you may want to prepare for this fall/winter would be a floppy hat. If you flip through some magazines or store catalogs, you probably notice quite some fall/winter looks come with floppy hats. Obviously, a wool floppy hat can easily go with a maxi skirt, cape, fur vest, etc. It adds not only romantic feeling, but also boho chic to the whole look.

I got this floppy hat from H&M the other day. I love the color and shape so much. Although it’s still super hot here, say 110F (yes, can you believe it?!), I intend to give myself some autumn feeling by wearing this hat with a knit/silk tank from 3.1 Phillip Lim, an asymmetrical skirt from Theory and  Paola wedge sandals from Calvin Klein Collection.  Hope you like this outfit.

knit & silk tank: 3.1 Phillip Lim
asymmetrical skirt: Theory
wedge sandals:Calvin Klein Collection
floppy hat: H&M
bag: Alexander Wang Diego
accessories: Banana Republic (thank my dear AJie), Forever 21, ASOS
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Last weekend was a tax-free weekend here. Without any surprise, I went shopping and got several pieces with really good prices. This tie-front jumpsuit from Elizabeth and James is one of them.
I’ve always been looking for a simple black jumpsuit. When the time I saw this single one on the rack with a price tag about 50 bucks in Last Call, I knew I had to get it!
I believe this jumpsuit offers a lot of different combos.  Here is one of them.  XOXO~~
tie-front jumpsuit: Elizabeth & James
denim vest & bracelets: Forever 21
sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti
bag: Chanel
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Into Equipment Silk Blouse

I have been into Equipment silk blouses for a long time. I really like its loose, simple yet chic style. Luckily, I got several of them with really good prices recently. My dear friend, AJie, got two signature blouses in blue and yellow for me from NordStrom Rack. The quality and colors are just impeccable. Last weekend, I got another signature blouse in grayish-blue from TJMaxx and a silver gray one from Neiman Marcus. Both are about 40 bucks!!  I guess I can finally stop hunting silk blouses with my collection. LOL~~

pocket silk blouse: Equipment
denim shorts: Forever 21
suede boots: ASOS
bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
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Stripe & Pink

After an eventful week, all I want is a peaceful weekend.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

stripe tee: H&M (old, thank 糖糖)
pink skinny: ZARA
bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
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Metallic & Leather

I am pretty into metallic stuff lately. So here is another metallic and leather combo.  The metallic scarf is from Gap. It’s light & comfortable, perfect for summer time.

I got this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals last year and I still love it so much.  It looks high, but is indeed comfortable enough for me to walk for a long time in it. Thank my friend, Ruantang, for providing me the information for buying it.

metallic top and scarf: GAP
leather shorts: Trouve
sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti
bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
necklace, bracelets & rings: Forever 21
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Silk Blouse & Lace Shorts

silk blouse & pumps: ZARA
lace shorts: Forever 21 (thank kaola)
bag: Chanel
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