Green Prada Bag

I got some really good stuff from Saks’ summer sale. Last post is all about that pair of gorgeous Gucci sandals. Here is another item I love: green Prada bag.
I fell in love with this style a long time ago as it can easily be converted from a shoulder bag to a clutch. I was so lucky that my dear friend, Xiaoyang, grabbed this green one for me at Saks with an unbelievable price. What can I say…dear, I just love you so much!  I also want to thank dear 粉猪猪 for letting me have this one as she was the first one who could get hold of it, and she was so generous and let me have it instead.
In fact, the pair of leopard pants I was wearing was also one of  favors given by my another dear friend, Xiaoyu, who not only bought this one for me, but also let me have the better size one.
My dear friends, thank you all for your kindness.

top: from off 5th
leopard pants: H&M
clutch & sunnies: PRADA
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