Some Reward from ZARA PEOPLE!

Some of my friends have been encouraging me to submit my pictures to ZARA PEOPLE!  considering that I bought quite some pieces from their store. However, most of my pictures are indeed not qualified as I rarely put several pieces from THIS SEASON together or lost their bar-codes, 😦   Finally, I had a chance to take several pictures right after last Friday’s work. In fact I even forgot to take off my office badge while taking pictures, LOL~~ And here I am, chosen by ZARA PEOPLE! for Issue Jun #3 (click here for more details). I am glad that ZARA picked this picture even though I looked tired and a little bit pale in it after a long week working. But I believe this picture well represents my real life, busy, tiring yet fun!!

Thank all my friends who have been supporting and encouraging me. Without you, I couldn’t make this blog. Special thanks to my photographer, my dear hubby, who has been extremely supportive and patient.  

BTW, I am also very happy to be on the same issue as my dear blogger friend, wave.  Congratulations to her!

Have a great weekend!!

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