On the street

Finally I am back to my blog world…. 
My trip to NYC was undoubtedly delightful. I met my dear friends there as planned. In a couple of days, we had delicious food, shared great laughter, drank and played a lot… Everything just felt so wonderful!
It’s a pity that my time there was too short to let me enjoy as much as possible. And my words here are just too pale to describe those fabulous moments we were together.
My dear friends, thank you all for giving me such a memorable experience!!

silk tee & scarf: ZARA

cropped pants: Forever 21


shoes: PRADA

ring, bracelets: Forever21, JCREW

My blogspot: http://littlebellring.blogspot.com/

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12 Responses to On the street

  1. 肉燕 says:

    one 奶包 stops traffic ah~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. kaola says:


  3. 不知道咋捣扯 says:


  4. q9y8 says:

    模特出街照,美翻了~~~ ❤

  5. 雪花膏儿 says:


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