Business Casual

No matter how much I like to wear as some famous bloggers wear on a daily basis, I just simply can’t as I am a typical working girl, who is in a relatively conservative industry.  If you know me well, you probably have noticed that I have been trying to balance between boring working outfits and fun fashion adventures.  But every once in a while, I would like to dress a bit more formal, when I have important meetings or presentations.  I believe proper outfits show others my professional attitude and give myself more confidence. Well, I hope you don’t feel bored.  🙂

shirt & pants: Club Monaco

bag: Fendi peekaboo

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33 Responses to Business Casual

  1. 肉燕 says:


  2. Jess says:

    哇,这气场,太女王了!这身也好喜欢,铃铛你穿啥象啥! 🙂

  3. crisisggp says:


  4. floret says:


  5. azureling says:


  6. isabel says:

    I love the bag !!!

  7. WayWeWere says:


  8. WayWeWere says:


  9. kokobo says:

    love your wide leg jeans!! make your legs look a mile long

  10. feline11 says:

    喜欢这个!!!!挺拔秀丽 势如破竹的气场 我见犹怜的细腰 嗷

  11. pt says:

    老邢了,这裤子衬衣我都有,就差有形的peekaboo了。 喜欢peekaboo.

    by the way, 我之前一直管这个叫 beekapoo.. 😦

  12. sakurasnow says:


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