Little Red Heart Dress

My dear friend XiaoYang got this cute little red heart dress for me a while ago.  I didn’t find a chance to wear it until this Saturday we went to see horse racing.  In fact, this occasion also gave me an opportunity to wear this pair of beloved heels from Giuseppe Zanotti. If you are a fan of some popular Taiwanese entertainment TV show, you probably know this pair. 😉 Thank my dear friend RuanTang for notifying me the deal so I can get these pretty heels with a very good price.

By wearing my old cardigan from Club Monaco with these two new pieces, I was trying to mix the preppiness of the cardigan, the cuteness of the little red dress and the sexiness of the heels.  Well, I hope you like it. 🙂 



red heart dress: bcbgmaxazria (thank XiaoYang)

cardigan: Club Monaco

sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti (thank RuanTang)

bag: Chanel

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52 Responses to Little Red Heart Dress

  1. WayWeWere says:

    zan …

  2. WayWeWere says:

    没敢多写, 怕千载难逢的沙发丢了.
    这个红太赞了, 不过可能是光线问题有点偏玫瑰红呢. 反正好看.
    这个开衫我记得, 你俩个颜色都收了是不? md, 当年混华人跟你们都不熟, 啥风都没跟上.

  3. 肉燕 says:


  4. 小A says:


  5. 海盗 says:

    亮点是鞋子。。。 美不胜收

  6. Kaola says:


  7. 太美了!红裙子好惊艳!

  8. peggi says:


  9. Isabel says:


  10. Jessica says:

    哇,我还是第一次看你穿红色,好美呀!这双鞋真好看,配上你的小细脚踝,太性感了!! ❤

  11. azureling says:


  12. sakurasnow says:

    惊艳呀 大面积鲜红色 pattern 多么高难度 也就你能压得这么住

  13. 粉猪猪 says:

    白嫩嫩的大腿…. 配上性感的凉鞋……..


  14. 小米 says:


    ps, 鞋子真给力!!!

  15. q9y8 says:


  16. Waveland says:

    Wow, I know this pair of shoes, I remember little S was dancing with them!
    Now they are dancing with ur feet too, so beautiful!

  17. You are absolutely right! My friend showed me that video and then I made my mind to get it. 🙂

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