It’s all about Pink

This season I have been so attracted by one tone, so called blush, nude, dusty rose or whatever you name it. I kept buying pieces in these colors and just can’t stop it…

This time I am trying a long-long combination by wearing my new-in long cardigan from Club Monaco with the pleated maxi skirt.  This combination may not provide the best proportion, but I do like the loose feeling of it. Well, I hope you like it.  🙂



silk tank & belt: JCREW

cardigan & scarf: Club Monaco

shoes: Miu Miu

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58 Responses to It’s all about Pink

  1. Jess says:

    这裙子咋看咋好看涅!这季我也收了不少pink blush等温由色!;)

  2. xiaoniu says:


  3. WayWeWere says:


  4. WayWeWere says:

    这身颜色真嫩啊. 第一张太有街拍的范儿了…还是那种复古范儿的街拍.
    我要这么穿, 肯定就俄罗斯大妈那造型的.

  5. 肉燕 says:


  6. Jessica says:

    快快,挖一下垃圾筒! 😉

  7. Sahara says:

    hey, You look great with the new hair style!
    The outfit is so pretty! I’m very much into the blush or rosy pink or peach color this season too. I like how you layer them with slightly different color tone. Wonderful job from head to toe! 🙂

    • I guess a lot of ppl are quite into this color since it does make us more feminine. And you are right; I did try to layer different tones from head to toe. I am so glad that you like it. 😉

  8. 小A says:

    这季我也爱这些个颜色啊啊啊!正琢磨怎么配我那条pleat skirt呢,正好你的搭配全部照搬,哈哈。。不过和阿街一样,我也觉得那条围巾有点太大了,不知道是不是角度问题


    • 你搞了哪条pleated skirt? 我在家试过戴围巾和不戴围巾,感觉整个look不戴围巾味道差不少。这条围巾其实是棉麻的,不过有点偏硬,所以照片看起来可能volume有点大吧。


  9. Waveland says:

    Oh dear, you really is a color pro!How did you handle all these slightly different color tones and put them together just perfectly? I need learn learn learn~~~

    • Thank you, sweetie. I am still learning and trying…. You know this color tone and combination are actually out of my comfort zone. But it’s never too late to try sth. new, isn’t it? 😉

  10. Isabel says:

    好久没来看你的贴了,今天一看,玛雅, 更新了这么多美图。这一身太好看了,颜色简直美到骨子里了:)

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