Shop in my own closet: Yellow Leather Jacket

I got this yellow leather jacket almost eight or nine years ago and wore it several times for different occasions before. As my passion for cool biker leather jackets grows stronger, my love towards this sweet one fades. But I think it’s time to play it one more time with this spring’s colorful trend.  🙂

leather jacket: Danier

bag: Chanel

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50 Responses to Shop in my own closet: Yellow Leather Jacket

  1. crisisggp says:

    哈哈,抢个第一!!!!你东西真是多啊!! 很有春天的感觉!抢小香!

  2. 雪花膏儿 says:

    喜欢最后2张 ,浅笑盈盈

  3. Jess says:

    The yellow looks sooo pretty on you! I’m jealous that you have so many leather pieces!

  4. Jessica says:


  5. WayWeWere says:

    这个黄色太黄油了, 真美真温柔.

  6. understandme says:

    严重羡慕你家LG, 整天这眼睛养的叫一个舒服啊


  7. xiaoniu says:


  8. eggspig says:


  9. 小A says:



  10. 肉燕 says:


  11. Sahara says:

    YOu look adorable! 🙂 The color of the jacket is so soft and sweet! And balanced by the broken jeans. A charming outfit.

  12. L_L says:

    I think the yummy yellow jacket can go very well with your blue silk top from F21. It will make both color pop!

    • You are absolutely right! In fact, I wore this leather jacket with the same blue color top from Jcrew several years ago and even posted the pictures at Huaren. It is a much sharper combination though. XOXO~~~

  13. 不知道咋捣扯 says:


  14. 小米 says:


    ps, 好想要抢你的蓝紫色reissue!!!

  15. Waveland says:

    You look so yummy and fresh that I want to have a bite ^_*

  16. azureling says:


  17. KokoBo says:

    这个reissue 是不是和我lx了? 最近搞的?

  18. KokoBo says:

    这个reissue 是不是和我lx了? 最近搞的?你这身让我想到德州阳光啊

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