Chambray, Yellow & Color Block

This week I have been very busy and didn’t have much time to take photos.  Here are some old pictures taken a while ago, not so good though. 😦  

Finally, the weekend is coming!!

 chambray shirt: Gap

yellow skirt: Club Monaco

color block dress: H & M

blazer: ZARA


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23 Responses to Chambray, Yellow & Color Block

  1. 肉燕 says:

    Your not so good pictures are still so gorgeous~~

  2. Waveland says:

    Yeah, for the first time, I am not on the very bottom floor~~~
    I love the chambray plus yellow skirt combo!

  3. Kaola says:


  4. 雪花膏儿 says:


  5. WayWeWere says:


    • HM的那件好久了,还是在英国的时候搞得了,同款还有灰黑色block,我也收了。


      • WayWeWere says:


        • 这件denim和之前那件不是一件,这件shirt就是灰蓝色的,哈哈,所以和你说的灰色也不算矛盾。我个人还是比较喜欢这个配色的,有点撞色,但是不算太夸张,照片可能有失真的地方。

  6. WayWeWere says:


  7. Sahara says:

    I have to agree with all above comments, your bar is high for your picutre quality. They are still the best and prettiest to me. i wish we could have the as much sunshine as in Ca. The raining cloudy weather here make me cold and sick. I love all the color combos you have. You are the queen of color game. 🙂

    • dear, thank you for your nice comments. I think pretty soon you will have very good weather so we can see more nice pictures from you!

      BTW, you can play more layers with cold weather. 😉

  8. azureling says:

    cm的黄裙子太美了。。。very eye catching
    hm dress好漂亮,上次聚会的时候三洋也穿呢。。

  9. Jessica says:


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