Black, White, Gray & Some Spice

I know a lot of people love black, white and gray combinations. I am the same. When I was too busy to figure out what to wear, I usually stick to this simplest and safest choice. So here is my outfit for a busy weekday.

To add a bit spice to cheer myself up in such a dull weekday, I took out this orange clutch again. Yes, weekend is coming!!

BTW, have I ever mentioned this jacket from Étoile Isabel Marant? I got the very last one on sale at Barneys. There are small shoulder pads which flatter the shoulder lines, and the cutting is impeccable.  My quick one-minute photo shoots can’t really give it a fair justice.  😦  

jacket: Étoile Isabel Marant

clutch: ZARA

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65 Responses to Black, White, Gray & Some Spice

  1. 肉燕 says:

    Sugar and Spice,
    And everything nice,
    That’s what 奶包 is made of : )

  2. xiaoniu says:


  3. 小A says:


  4. Jessica says:

    哇,这件grey blazer太好看了哇,咋一看我以为你也买了jcrew去年秋季那一款了,后来看看不是,这件Etoile的比jcrew那件修身多了。。这身我好喜欢,每次看到你更新我就兴奋不已,哈哈。。

  5. WayWeWere says:

    我可以用bebe的灰外套来copy. 不过象腿就不能再穿象皮了。裤子我就弄个黑色skinny八。

  6. floret says:


  7. 小软糖 says:


  8. demia says:


  9. sakurasnow says:

    i simply went wordless here….but I really want you to know that I just love~~love every single one of your outfits, weekday or weekend, sunny or cloudy…..@.@

  10. peggi says:


  11. 粉猪猪 says:



  12. azureling says:


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