Nautical Stripes & Green

Although it’s still snowing in some places, spring has officially come. As always, it’s time to wear chic and timeless nautical stripes. Matching them with colorful bottoms would be a good choice, bringing all fresh feelings.  For me, a pair of green pants is my new love. Its color is very rich and vivid. Unfortunately, it seems that my camera has difficulties to capture that hue so the green color in the pictures is much lighter and not as pretty as it is.    😦

some details:

green skinny: ZARA

stripe top: Forever 21

shoes & bag: Chanel

fedora: Eugenia Kim for Target

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32 Responses to Nautical Stripes & Green

  1. 肉燕 says:


  2. peggi says:

    wa sai 这个蓝加绿色太好看了太醒目了。

  3. 小A says:

    呀,今天和你LX了,我今天穿的条纹加艳粉的SHORTS 🙂


  4. 雪花膏儿 says:


  5. 小软糖 says:


  6. xiaoniu says:


  7. WayWeWere says:

    又老刑了, 咋整啊. 我那个博一直没发表呢…哈哈.
    颜色太美了. 我有一条差不多呢, 不过是boot cut的, 我一定要配高跟…

  8. 粉猪猪 says:


    这个是zara women的, 我这儿没见着呢

  9. Jessica says:


  10. Sahara says:

    Just came back to the blog world and found yours. I totally love every of your style. The pants are so chic! Sorry I don’t have the chinese input system, even though I prefer to type in chinese.

    • dear, welcome to my blog. I am so happy that you like my blog.

      I just spent a long time browsing your blog. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I really like your body shape, and simple but elegant style!

      Let’s have fun blogging!

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