Very J.crew

Honestly, I am not a big lover of J.crew as some of my friends are, but I have always been fascinated by J.crew’s unique color collection and inspired by its way of mixing colors and patterns.  

I like to pick up some pieces from J.crew store every once in a while. These pieces may not be very stylish, but definitely wearable. Maybe my love towards J.crew is quite subtle, not as the one towards Zara, which is more impulsive… lol


cardi, tank and skirt: J.crew

heels: Zara

bag: Chanel 

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58 Responses to Very J.crew

  1. 小A says:

    cardi & skirt item no. plz 🙂


  2. 肉燕 says:

    Never pictured you as a J Crew girl, but you can simply make any style your own~

  3. angelsigh9 says:


  4. WayWeWere says:

    I really love the olive green + creamy neutral color combo. Simple, fresh & somehow effortless feel.

  5. WayWeWere says:

    By the way, I saw my sister-in-law after 2+ years and was stunned by her new body! She is very tall with a very pretty face and now looks like a super model. She managed to lose all the baby weight by simply monitoring input and output. Now I need to take on the challenge and catch up with her. 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    我上个周末去店里,啥白菜都没拣着,结果买了条新款的项链回家。因为那个reward card今天到期,一定要用掉了。。这个周末我准备继续奋斗! 😉

    • 它家现在tank的确蛮大的,我买的XS还挺宽松的。你买了啥项链?推荐一下

      • WayWeWere says:

        I feel frustrated every time when I see people complain about the j.crew sizing…It sounds like I am the true “fat” one since no matter how much big their size run, I still wear the same size! This is really annoying!

      • Jessica says:

        其实也不算是太新了,上几个星期就看到了。。就是下面这条Mash Scarf necklace

  7. azureling says:


  8. 不知道咋捣扯 says:


  9. crisisggp says:


  10. Mingjie says:


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