Beautiful ordinary life

I was driving to work the other day and happened to hear a song named “Ordinary” by Wayne Brady. I was touched by its lyrics and instantly fell in love with it.

Don’t need to reach for the stars
Happy here on earth in our beautiful ordinary life
I love my beautiful ordinary life…with you

Most of us are ordinary people, living an un-extraordinary life. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t still try to be beautiful as much as we want, right?  😉

One ordinary day’s outfit:



knit sweater & maxi skirt: Zara

shoes: Ralph Lauren suede booties

bag: Alexander Wang Diego

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22 Responses to Beautiful ordinary life

  1. 肉燕 says:

    被阳光里那张秒了,奶包you are beautiful~~~~~~~

  2. chching says:

    Can I say a word: YOU and FASHION: kind of the same , but different!:)

  3. chching says:

    Can I say an updated word: YOU and FASHION: two best friends, kind of the same , but different!

  4. feline11 says:

    Beyond beautiful, out of the ordinary
    Love this color ensemble!

  5. Jessica says:

    ordinary life也可以多姿多彩,每天把自己穿得漂漂亮亮的,心情就是beyond ordinary了,这样多好!
    我也很喜欢阳光里的那张! 🙂

  6. WayWeWere says:

    There is nothing “ordinary” about you and your fashion sense. 🙂

  7. 小A says:


  8. 老大 says:


  9. Mingjie says:


  10. crisisggp says:



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