On the shoulder

As you may see from some latest fashion pictures, putting clothes on the shoulder instead of wearing them seems a new trend. I have to say that this is rather impractical for ordinary people like me, whose daily life is about to sit in front of the computer for working.

The other day after long time walking, I felt a little bit hot, but thought that it would be too cold if I took off my coat. Then I decided to put my soft fur coat on my shoulder, which surprisingly gave me the right comfort I was hoping for. That’s the reason that I end up with this kind of pictures. So please do not laugh at me for being a bit pretentious.   😉

normal way of wearing it:

on the shoulder:

fur coat: State & Lake

blue silk tank: Forever 21

shoes: Alexander Wang Sigrid boots

bag: Chanel

necklace: Tiffany key

sunglasses: Dior

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45 Responses to On the shoulder

  1. nmvivi says:


  2. azureling says:

    又见fur coat
    on the shoulder很有范,最后一张太美太有意境了

    • 谢谢小兔子总是这么支持我。周末和ZT到处瞎逛了逛,然后一顿乱拍,呵呵

    • WayWeWere says:

      Second this. The last picture reminds me Alhambra Palace in Spain, a very romantic place full of nostalgia. The arches are very typical in Mediterranean and influenced by Arabs when they were the dominants. Guess Texas had lots of sites used to be Mexican who were taken over by Spanish at some point in the history. 🙂

  3. 肉燕 says:

    哈哈,昨天你说回头给我看黑色我就知道肯定已经拍啦 : )



    • T家钥匙是某人的礼物,难得一次有心,嘻嘻。 这个兔毛毛真是很喜欢,我们几个都是一人搞了两个颜色,汗

      • WayWeWere says:

        I was about to ask you…so that was the “little surprise” you talked about the other day. Awesome!
        I didn’t buy the piece after all although we did walked by their boutique on the fifth. Just couldn’t make up my mind; guess I don’t really love it. My husband took a picture. 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    你更新的真勤,每次来都有收获,太赞了! 😀

  5. 雪花膏儿 says:



  6. xiaoniu says:

    the blue tank brighten up the outfit

  7. Waveland says:

    So happy to see many updates, oh yeah ^_^
    Again, I truly believe you will look stunning no matter what you wear, my dear!

  8. 小A says:


  9. demia says:


  10. PT says:

    This shade of blue is definitely your color!

    Every time you wear this shade, I am fascinated.

  11. WayWeWere says:

    Can anything trump the combo of fur and leather and give a better feel of luxe and chicness? Guess not… Totally a femme fatale!
    I am still amazed by the new yorkers’ fashion sense and natural feel brought out by it. It’s, like, they were born with it. Lots of memories. No need to take pictures. haha.
    Are y’all who are on the west coast ok after this disastrous Tsunami in Japan?

    • 你还在NYC吗?玩的好吗?想死你了!!

      west coast那边还好,坑里还很热闹,呵呵

      • WayWeWere says:

        Left NY on Thursday. Had such good time! Met up with a couple of friends and wished I had spent more time with them. 🙂
        I am missing you, too. 😦
        By the way, is the yellow J.crew sweater you showed in the previous post from the new sale? How did I miss that one? Shuts! 😦
        I saw quite a few J.crew pieces in New York, but many more North Face. My in-law said she almost thinks she should invest in this company. They are everywhere.
        The other thing about new york women is that they love their rain boots! It was raining here and all I noticed was how they pulled off their wellies with their hermes and pradas. Simply elegant and stunning. I took lots of notes. Hehe….

        • This jcrew sweater is not from the new sale. I believe it’s from summer sale last year. So don’t feel too bad about it.

          Considering that you have so many feelings and taken so many notes in NYC, I will look forward to seeing your updates on your blog. 😉

          • WayWeWere says:

            Hmmm…not sure where to start. They are just fragments of thoughts and memories. Plus I didn’t take man pictures as I had wished to. It’s cold and rainy; I didn’t feel like to pull out the big gun. And you know me; I just can’t take good pictures. Without pictures blogs probably won’t be as interesting. 😉

  12. WayWeWere says:

    So it sounds like I missed this super deal? Well, I was looking for a ivory fur coat and it has been a while…

  13. chching says:

    You are always a tease. How far you can go on a fashion way?:)

  14. crisisggp says:


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