fur & jeans

Thank Shopbop for its fabulous sale and my dear friend who notified me of this deal, I got this rabbit fur coat in taupe color with a very good price (got the same one in black previously). The coat itself is so soft and comfortable. More important, it’s warm but not too thick, which is perfect for a mild winter like what we have here.

rabbit fur coat: State & Lake

jeans: J Brand

silk blouse: Zara

bag: Fendi Peekaboo

sunglasses: Chloe

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26 Responses to fur & jeans

  1. 小A says:


  2. 肉燕 says:


  3. azureling says:

    fur coat配上飘逸的shirt,有味道啊~~

  4. 不知道咋捣扯 says:


  5. Jessica says:


  6. WayWeWere says:

    I finally made it to Zara stores and 2 of them! The one on the fifth was amazing and ginormous, lots lots pretty stuff. I bought a car coat, a pink blouse with ruffle, and a pair of pants. 🙂 I was surprised to find out that I had to wear L for the blouse to feel more comfy around the shoulders.
    BTW- love the whole outfit. I think I can copy. 🙂

    • xixi, I knew you would love Zara and buy a lot! In fact, I bought a lot stuff from Zara in size M or L for oversize feeling, lol~~

      • WayWeWere says:

        yeah. I am fine with size small if they are coats and dresses, but the blouses, definitely I have to go one or 2 size up. 🙂 Seriously I wish I had bought the entire store! Last time when I visited the zara at SFO, it didn’t impress me as much as the one in NYC. No wonder women in New York are famous for their fashion sense and taste. Actually it’s not a fair comparison. They have full access to all those pretty clothing and what do we have? huh? *sigh* Guess it’s a reasonable excuse for not being stylish when you are living in a city like Seattle! 😉

        • lol~ I can definitely understand your feeling. Zara does have so many nice pieces this season. I just can’t help buying.

          People living in big cities like NYC, London and Paris do have many more opportunities to enjoy every year’s fashion shows and get pretty clothing. For us, being stylish is indeed harder.

          • WayWeWere says:

            Hey, apparently I am not on the same league with you. 🙂 You don’t seem having hard time finding what you like and pulling them off in the way you want. That’s a natural talent considering how limited resource we’ve got around here. You either were born with it or without it. 😉

            • I don’t think so. I still remember the time I spent on learning from those stylish girls when I was in England. I was inspired a lot by them. Nowadays, I more rely on internet to get ideas… 😦

  7. crisisggp says:


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