Alexander Wang again!

I may be a bit crazy for getting two pair of Alexander Wang boots in similar styles, but I just can’t help loving both of them! I got Anouck boots a while ago from Saks and have been wearing them so often lately coz they are so cool and special.  Last week I was so lucky to get a pair of Alexander Wang Sigrid OTK from theoutnet.  I have been longing for this OTK since last December and finally I can hold them on my hands!  

vest: Zara

stripe pocket top: Forever 21

shoes: Alexander Wang Sigrid

bag: Alexander Wang Rocco

necklace: Banana Public

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32 Responses to Alexander Wang again!

  1. 肉燕 says:


  2. peggi says:


  3. azureling says:


  4. 小A says:



  5. demia says:


  6. WayWeWere says:

    Love seeing you in stripes. I, on the contrary, never feel comfortable in it. 😦
    This outfit probably would look pretty cool with denim shorts, too? just a wild guess.

  7. Wave says:

    Wow, I just saw this boots on shopbop this weekend, 20% more over 50% off, not a bad price huh? But I didn’t get it:( I would not hesitate if I saw ur post earlier. But wait… I think the one on sale was suede…love urs better ❤

  8. Jessica says:

    这只包包我也很饭,很适合你帅帅地风格!女王这身实在太美了,我以后跟你hang out有心理压力,到时你让我小鸟依你吧! 😀

  9. crisisggp says:


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