Inspired by Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt, the recently appointed editor of Vogue Paris, has been known for her tough yet chic style by wearing so many fashion-forward pieces such as strong-shoulder jackets, leather pants and killer heels.  Some people may not be very into her style, whereas others including me take her as one of the most stylish Parisian, and have been greatly inspired by her.

I have to say that it’s not easy to copy her styles since we don’t have killer long legs and an edgy attitude as she does. Nevertheless, it’s always worth trying, isn’t it?  😉


blazer & pocket tee: Zara

pants: J Brand Agnes

shoes: Nine West

bag: YSL Muse

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87 Responses to Inspired by Emmanuelle Alt

  1. 不知道咋捣扯 says:


  2. 糖糖 says:

    哈,千年潜水员也来浦个头吧。。。。这一身是我的大爱!!!太超模了太有范了~~~ 媳妇是这季的么?印象里没见你秀过这件白媳妇呢~~~

  3. 雪花膏儿 says:


  4. 雪花膏儿 says:


  5. chching says:

    Effortless chic! You are my MUSE!

  6. chching says:

    Sunglass is CHOLE? I have a same piece.:)

  7. demia says:


  8. 小A says:


  9. 肉燕 says:

    But you DO have killer legs and the edgy attitude. Only with those, comes your incredible warmth and gentle soul~~

  10. peggi says:


  11. floret says:


  12. WayWeWere says:

    不知道E这个人, 没咋注意过, 所以不知道copy的如何. 就这身行头自己来打分, 我给96分啊. 其实真要copy很容易的, 照样买就是了. 要抓住要领, 更体现自己的风格, 我觉得才是更值得admire的. 我太仰慕你了. 真心话, 表PIA.

  13. WayWeWere says:

    同没有killer legs…恩…有的只是killer whale样的身材. 😦

  14. WayWeWere says:

    大金表看一回赞一回. 春天赶紧来吧. 我也好得瑟…
    白媳妇我都没有呢, 我穿着特象卖包子的, 要么就是包包子的. 😦

  15. xiaoniu says:


  16. azureling says:


  17. Jessica says:

    这套也好看极了,blazer+米色tee!女王等我搬过来你带我混吧,我负责给你街拍,而且保证无怨无悔,哈哈。。 😀

  18. crisisggp says:


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