Shop in my own closet

I got this bright yellow skirt from Club Monaco a couple of years ago. I probably wore it one or two times and then pretty much forgot it. The other day while I was organizing my wardrobe, it caught my eyes again with its unique color.  It has exactly the color I want for this spring, and will undoubtedly add more fun to my working outfit!  I am so glad that I found such a nice piece by shopping in my own closet.  🙂

blazer: Zara

tank top: jcrew

skirt: Club Monaco

pumps: Zara

bag: Chanel

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41 Responses to Shop in my own closet

  1. 肉燕 says:


  2. Waveland says:

    What an eye-catching color, perfect touch for spring indeed!

  3. xiaoniu says:


  4. azureling says:


  5. A says:


  6. peggi says:

    That color is fantastic!

  7. WayWeWere says:

    哈哈 大家都带着雷达的. 每次更新我现在都赶不上头排了. 😦 你这里人真多呀.
    这个popping neon color的idea我前几天刚在哪里看到了, 异曲同工. 赞. 裙子可以再短点, 短点…:D
    对了, 昨天那身后来发现你居然配了豹纹的鞋子…太闷骚了…不过那身重点挺多的了, 一般的鞋子也行哈.

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