Bell shaped jeans

As spring is coming, I am getting a bit tired of black leggings, skinny pants or harem pants. Maybe It’s time to take out your favorite bell shaped jeans or wide leg jeans.   Pairing them with a silk blouse, fur coat or pointy toe shoes will definitely give you some taste of 70’s.


silk blouse: Zara

jeans: unknown brand from Korea

shoes:  Michael Kors

bag: Chanel

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31 Responses to Bell shaped jeans

  1. 肉燕 says:

    Yeah, the funky disco good old times~~~

  2. azureling says:


  3. azureling says:


  4. Waveland says:

    You look stunning no matter what you wear! So glad that you have a blog now, love it!

  5. 雪花膏儿 says:


  6. WayWeWere says:

    妈呀, 这身我太爱了. 记得二丫有过类似的喇叭裤的look. 她那个很retro, 你这个很时髦, 各有千秋, 太赞了. 我能不能copy, 能不能copy….不过木有灰毛坎兼….

    • 我这个裤子要是个高腰浅色的喇叭裤估计就更retro一点吧,可惜我只有深色高腰的~~

      没坎肩用毛毛外套配应该也很好看的,你应该有的~~ 🙂

  7. xiaoniu says:


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