Too old to wear pink?

People always say that almost every girl loves pink.  I am not an exception as I did collect quite some pink clothes a long time ago. As time goes by, I somehow convinced myself that I was too old to wear any pink so I excluded any pinky stuff from my wardrobe.  However, I started to be fascinated by a variety of pink tones and tricks of matching them with other colors lately. I realized that some pink tones can be very fun to play with and even enlighten a dull skin color.  After so long not touching any pink,  I picked several items with blush or dusty rose color in stores.  One of my recent favorites is this Gap leather jacket in blush:

This jacket comes with two colors, so called “off white” and “blush”. The “off white” one indeed looks more like light beige. I was caught by this blush color at first sight in the store. I wasn’t so sure whether I can pull off such a light pink until I tried it on.  The blush color is subtle, not too girly, and the leather is very soft and creamy.  I think it is versatile and can be easily dressed up or down.  Matching it with a gray dress/skirt as in the picture, or a pair of boyfriend jeans and converse would be good.

Another pinky item is this top in dusty rose from forever 21.  It goes very well with leather pants/shorts or even red skinny, 🙂

Well, with these new feelings with pink, maybe I should say “never be too old to wear pink”? lol~~

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57 Responses to Too old to wear pink?

  1. feline11 says:



  2. WayWeWere says:

    I love pink!
    不过我说你这俩都是擦边球啊.说是粉的倒不如说是flesh tone的. 哈哈. 很温柔, 你平时把常秀的一面哈. 哎, 每次看到这个top, 我都心都揪着, 没有的就是好.
    j.crew家陆续也出了很多这种柔和色, 我喜欢rose dust, heirloom pink. 春天的paris pink也很漂亮.

  3. WayWeWere says:

    楼上的真烦人, 抢了我的沙花. 使劲PIA!

  4. 就咱们几个人,我贴个劣质试衣间的图片吧,直接套在内衣外面的,你们看了我就删了,汗。。。

  5. feline11 says:


    这件小粉衫趁的你楚楚动人 小身板不堪一握的样子!这是xs?那估计我也有戏 我也去弄一件

  6. gap家好像周三,或者周四经常有40% off in store,不过好像不是每周都有?

  7. azureling says:

    没赶上gap leather jacket真人

  8. 肉燕 says:


  9. 肉燕 says:


  10. 肉燕 says:


  11. WayWeWere says:


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